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Financial Series 

SNR Recognition

A, product introduction

RMB SNR system is a monitoring system, it is an important supplement for ATM cash management. Solutions include the serial number identification module and serial number identification management. The system provides great convenience for ATM add notes and withdrawal transaction.

1. warning for the counterfeit money;
2. Tracking of each flow from ATM cash;
3. To provide a series of methods for verification and inspection of the bills;
4. Increased, including serial Numbers,the image of each cash to users for reference and use
5. Centralized cash management
6. Provides an open interface, is the important supplement of the bank channels of anti-money laundering in ATM
7. To help bank ATM and money

B The serial number identification characteristics of the module

1. The money SNR recognition rate can reach more than 98%, single point character recognition rate of 99.798%.
2. Support tilt correction and recognition of the characters
3. The banknote recognition rate up to 8 to 12 per second , fast recognition speed and the quality is reliable, reached the international leading level;
4. Support 365 days 24 hours continuous running
5. Support intelligent management and have errors debugging features;
6. Money recognition of high resolution;